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Global Associates
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Global Associates
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Kolkata - 700048
West Bengal, India

Web Data Extraction Made Easy for Businesses and Individuals

Grepsr ( is a newly launched Cloud based, managed data extraction, web crawling and web scraping service to crawl, extract or aggregate data easily from the web. Grepsr streamlines the data extraction process by simplifying the steps involved in the process - finalizing requirements, data extraction and data delivery.

Data is of great importance to all businesses – small and big, whether it is for market research, lead compilation, powering an application, gathering market trends or simply to keep a watch on the competitors. Data extraction or web scraping is tricky because of the technologies involved.

Web scraping has never been easier thanks to new tech startup Grepsr ( launched in February 2012. The tools available today require the user to have both - technical knowledge and the infrastructure to collect data from the web. Grepsr is a cloud powered data extraction ‘service’ that eliminates these requirements.

Grepsr provides an intuitive way for users to visually explain their requirements on the website screenshots or explain them clearly in text. Unlike other tools and solutions available today, the user does not have to worry about the technical details like writing regular expressions or XPath. These requirements are then processed by Grepsr data analysts to create extractors that crawl the website and extract the data. Users get direct access to the data analysts with support built into the system to ensure accurate and quick data delivery.

Grepsr presents a number of options for data delivery, such as integration with Dropbox, FTP, and Google Docs, or if you are a developer it provides data feeds that an application could consume. Data extraction and data delivery is powered by Grepsr's own cloud infrastructure which means no software downloads or having to manage various resources (bandwidth, servers, etc.). Grepsr has a flat pricing model. There are no hard limits on crawling and how much data is to be extracted ($99 setup fee for upto 50,000 records) or the nature of the source website.

Individuals, businesses and corporations are already using Grepsr to meet their data requirements. Usage includes lead collection, market research, creating product catalogs, price comparisons, delivery status, creating business listings, getting updated real estate listings and much more. The possibilities are endless. Grepsr can also provide custom data services for businesses.

As stated by a UK based Grepsr client - “WOW, Grepsr is an entrepreneur's dream. You tell them what you want by adding notes to pictures and off they go. It's as easy as that!” Services like this that make working with data more accessible to non-programmers, are very much needed.

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