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Data Processing Services

Data processing is an application for digitization and processing of data originating from different sources. This work is carried out for the customers expanding all the sectors like business houses, banking, finance, retail, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications and government.

We offer both Electronic and Automatic Data Processing Outsourcing Services:

Electronic Data
Continuum System applies different conversion tools for the transition of electronic data from its present format, whether it is currently in spreadsheet, word processing, or desktop publishing applications. We use customized in-house software for the conversion of data to a usable electronic format.

Printed Data
In the case of data in print format we make use of state-of-the-art scanning facilities. Our expert technical support staff scans documents or images for conversion to a digital format. We maintain an editorial staff proficient in manual data entry, as well as in proofing and editing ensuring that all data entered are accurate.

We have an authentic comprehensive capabilities, proactive client service and ability to handle accurate and consistent results. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team of highly skilled professionals delivers qualitative output to our clients across the world in the field of data processing outsourcing services.

We help organization and business in increasing profitability by reducing data processing and collection cost, smoothening interaction with customers. We can also expert in detecting fraud, improving risk management & making the transition a new process with a competitive advantage.

We offer customized business service matching with international standards in terms of precision and timely execution. We are constantly developing our data processing technologies for further advancement and automate the possible reorganization processes to reduce the cost, increase productivity, offer faster delivery and add value to our clients business.

We offer follwing Data Processing Outsourcing Services:

  • HTML, CGI, ASP, JSP and PHP, Accounts, Tax, Legal, Survey, Market Research, Insurance Claim Forms Processing.
  • Image Processing outsourcing services with quality, filtering, prioritization, feature extraction, 2D & 3D visualization.
  • Survey Processing outsourcing services for design, analysis and interpretation questionnaires in graphic forms.
  • OCR Cleanup outsourcing services like Image scanning & Indexing, OCR & PDF documents, Document Management System.
  • Data mining outsourcing services like Web search, Data gathering and extraction from website into various formats.
  • Data cleansing process for identifying and correcting data inconsistencies in order to standardize & integrate data.
  • Check Processing outsourcing services for check processing strategy, Check product assessment & Check operations benchmarking.

The variety of our services - Our various services are as follwing:

Claims and transaction processing, accounting entries, form processing services, analytical processing work , check processing services, payroll processing services, image processing services, word processing services, survey processing services, custom data processing, electronic data processing, business data processing, database processing services, document processing services, indexing, documentation, internet research and web data gathering.