Web Research Services: Top 7 Basic methods.

Organisations want to know where to place their time and resources. Market research helps in exactly this. It helps the company to understand how people perceive them. Moreover, it indicates the features to drop, or continue working on. There are many ways to do market research. But, every method isn’t suitable for every situation. When an organisation opts for Web Research services, the service provider builds a market strategy. It can help in developing a product, marketing and overall growth. This is done on the basis of business goals.

Categories of web research services

Web Research Services has two categories. One is primary research and the other is secondary research. Primary research looks at the data the research service company collects. Organisations use this data to find sales, metrics and customer purchase, feedback patterns. Moreover, it also looks at the current business practices and how the competitor performance in the market. Secondary research looks at older data. Most importantly, it includes reports and studies other organisations present.

There are many ways to do market research. But, Web Research Services use one or more of the basic methods. Here are seven basic methods of market research.

The primary research method finds both qualitative and quantitative data. The former one is done by a mathematical analysis on a large data sample. Though web research services cannot measure it.


Interviews are good as they get expert advice or in-depth knowledge on complex and important topics. They are one to one discussions. Thus, it is a good source of providing qualitative data. The web research service provider can check previous interviews, or speak face to face to gather data.

Survey and Questionnaire

One can analyse a sample group representing the target market using surveys. Moreover, the bigger the sample group, the better the result. In-person surveys get immediate feedback about products, packaging and marketing. But, they are costly, and needs time and labour. On the other hand, online or telephonic surveys are less expensive and easier.

Focus groups

In focus groups, a moderator uses questions to guide the discussion. The discussion in these focus groups evaluates the result.

User groups

These groups capture user data from websites where users have mentioned their experience about a certain product. These groups are part of Web Research Services support. Moreover, secondary research helps creating a starting point in market research. The amount of available data is huge, hence companies should consider outsourcing for an in-depth look.

Competitor Benchmark

Competitor benchmarks is a research method. It is used widely to measure the growth metrics. After that, it is compared within the same industry and same field. If you outsource web research services, your outsourcing partner takes care of the correct method needed.

Sales Data

Accessing sales data across regions is good for understanding the audience and marketing strategies. It is profitable to study internal data. Moreover, it helps in analysing customer trends. It also helps in meeting all the numbers and capturing the full market potential.


Putting a new product in the market for checking customer response, we get a real-life scenario. Also, it helps in making modifications and adjusting prices.

In conclusion, the above mentioned methods provides researchers access to organisation data. This helps in building powerful internal data bases and business insights in the industry.

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