Importance of Golf Course Mapping for High-end Mobile Applications

Golf course mapping is a service that is becoming extremely popular with golf course owners. This is because it can help them with maintaining, managing and designing golf courses in an efficient manner.

Golf course mapping essentially is creating a 2D map and 3D rendered design of a golf course. It gives a bird’s eye view of a course. Moreover, it helps better understand the challenges of developing, maintaining a golf course. It also provides with relevant information like measurement of the area of the course, of greens, trees, fairways and the holes. 3D models are also helpful to understand how a ball might interact with the course.

Golf course mapping

There are two ways it can be achieves, by Drone Mapping and/or by GPS tracking.

Drone Mapping

In this technique, drones are used to take several real photographs and data of the course. Then, all the data is gathered and scrutinized to create a 2D and 3D model of the golf course. The science behind this is photogrammetry which is a way to take measurements from photographs.

GPS tracking

Another way to map a golf course is to use GPS tracking. In this scenario, GPS is used to track the location, area of a course, the location of holes, the distance between holes, sprinklers on the course. Also along with Google earth, data can be gathered on the presence of trees and greeneries and topography of the course. Next comes creating a 2D and 3D model based on this data which can also be used in android and ios devices to present a real-time data to the golfers and the management.

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