All you need to know about Data Entry Services

When we hear the word Data Entry Services for the first time, a lot of questions and speculations rises in our minds. We think that, it is typing numbers all the time and a computer screen. But the truth is more elaborate than that.Hence, we are about to provide a detailed explanation of Data Entry.

What is Data Entry?

In order to properly understand Data Entry, it is important to understand what “data” is. In simple words, data is set of values against a set of subjects. Data may vary in terms of quality and quantity. We need to collect this data, measure them and analyse them in a certain context. This is key to what values is to be collected, and in which format. Only after this rigorous process, data becomes useful information and knowledge.

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In simple words, Data Entry is the process of collecting data in a certain format.

Types of Data Entry

Data can be broadly categorised into two ways, that is person based data entry and machine based data entry.

Person based data entry

This is collection of data in a handwritten format when a machine is absent.

Machines based data entry

This is punching of data in an electronic device, for example, a computer. As an electronic device is involved, it is often referred to as electronic data. It was first introduced in the late seventies and nowadays, all sort of data is electronic. This is also for the reason that computers are readily available nowadays.

Data entry in computers

Computers nowadays is the go to choice for organisations to collect data. Computers can store a wide variety of data in different forms. Above all, they have built in software to analyse the data. Moreover, we can install customised software to cater to specific needs. Entering data in computers is relatively easy and doesn’t require premium skills.

Data entry services

We need data to reach well informed decisions and valuable insights into related domains. Thus, data has always been important. Moreover, the importance of data has increased over the last two decades. This is because information technology and industries related to it has risen. Today, even school students generate heaps of data. This data is a huge opportunity for businesses to understand their customer’s behaviour. It also helps them to have an insight about the industry. This huge amount of data needs trained resources, software and infrastructure. Thus a new business domain has come up – Data Entry Services.

Data entry services has evolved in a big way in the last decade and now serve to industries all over the world.

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